Reserve Conference Room

2151 Hamline Avenue

  • Address: 2151 Hamline Ave., Roseville
  • Location: 1st floor
  • Size: 184 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 6-10
  • Amenities: Counter with sink/water, microwave, and white board

2345 Rice Street

  • Address: 2345 Rice St., Roseville
  • Location: 2nd floor
  • Size: 251 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 15 – 20
  • Amenities: Wired for high speed internet, white board, side table

2353 Rice Street

  • Address: 2353 Rice St., Roseville
  • Location: 1st floor
  • Size: 365 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 10 – 12
  • Amenities: Wired for high speed internet, chalk board, side table

2489 Rice Street

  • Address: 2489 Rice St., Roseville
  • Location: Lower Level
  • Size: 582 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 25 – 40
  • Amenities: Wired for high speed internet, white board, side table, podium, adjoining break room with sink/vending

2499 Rice Street

  • Address: 2499 Rice St., Roseville
  • Location: 1 st floor, to the left of the main lobby/entrance
  • Size: 365 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 12-15
  • Amenities: Wired for high speed internet, counter with sink, white board, side table

Conference Room General Rules

APRIL 08, 2016 AT 2:27 PM
  • The Conference Room’s intended purpose is to provide a shared space for all tenants to hold short term meetings.
  • Meetings are scheduled on a first-come, first serve basis.
  • Requests may be made up to six months in advance.
  • Room is equipped with Hi-Speed Internet, connectivity is through Ethernet cable, not provided by Landlord. A dry-erase board is also available in most rooms.
  • Size of rooms vary; however, each room is set up with a large meeting table and chairs. No changes to room configuration are allowed. Additional tables and chairs may be used, as size and configuration allow. Some rooms have additional tables and chairs available, in others Tenant will need to provide.
  • Landlord is not liable for items left in rooms. Please do not leave leave personal items unattended.
  • Tenants are responsible for all items in the conference room, please do not leave the room unlocked.
  • If food or beverages are served, Tenant is responsible for clean-up and removal of all food related items.
  • Please clean-up after use and leave the conference room ready for the next reservation.

By submitting an online request form, Tenant agrees that:

  • Tenant has read and understands these general rules and regulations for conference room use. Failure to abide by these regulations may result in a forfeiture of the right to any future use of a room.
  • Tenant accepts financial responsibility for any and all damage caused to the room and items in the room during the meeting.